Let The Online Rehab help you embrace your recovery

The Online Rehab is a pioneer in web-enabled addiction therapy. We are the first to offer a fully comprehensive recovery program on a global scale.

Admitting addiction and seeking help are incredible hurdles to overcome but no one ever mentions the logistical nightmares that arise when entering a rehab facility. Organising childcare and/or pet care can be especially difficult and extremely costly if you do not have a support network. One of the luxuries we provide is affordability. Development in technology enables us to provide the kind of therapy you would receive in a private rehabilitation clinic but at a substantially reduced rate.

Logistical problems don’t stop there, what about work and the awkward conversation with your boss and colleagues explaining your unwarranted leave of absence? With The Online Rehab none of these things apply. Life and rehabilitation merge into a single journey.

Don’t worry if travel is an essential part of your work because The Online Rehab travels with you. As long as you have access to the Internet and a little privacy you can participate in your sessions anywhere. We take your privacy very seriously and have gone to great lengths to ensure these forums are both safe and secure.

Even more important is the environment in which the therapy is conducted. Staying at a rehab center insulates you from the outside world and it’s many temptations. The transition back to home is like being stranded in the middle of minefield; just one wrong step and you can relapse.

The beauty of The Online Rehab is so simple. We help you navigate the minefield by keeping you immersed in your life, nothing is put on hold and nothing is left for later. We help your future by helping you live in the NOW.

Is your lifestyle in the grip of alcohol, drugs or substance abuse?
The Online Rehab is your first choice for a quiet road back to full recovery...
The Online Rehab is:
The world's first
COMPLETE Online Programme
  • Personal Assessment
  • Daily Group Sessions
  • Activities
  • One to One Counselling
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For everyone
who leads a busy life!
  • Anonymous
  • Discreet
  • Non-intrusive
  • Adaptable to you
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Without walls

  • Natural Environment
  • At home
  • At work or
  • On the move
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Personal Assessment

At the very start, a full and thorough assessment of your personal situation, which asks key questions about your addiction.

Daily Group Sessions

Every day, one hour therapist-led group sessions will be held for you to participate in and also share your experiences.


Understanding yourself, neglected issues and underlying motivations are an essential part of overcoming dependency and regaining control.

One to One Counselling

A weekly session, which enables you to fully discuss with your counsellor about any and all aspects of your progress on the programme.