Compulsive Overeating

Compulsive overeating - an eating pattern, where an individual feels out of control and compelled to eat - even when they're not hungry - and is unable to stop.

Compulsive overeaters cannot control their cravings. Often unaware of what they're doing, they continue overeating even when they feel full and, as a result, struggle to control their weight. Behaviour is different from bulimia -because overeaters will not try to purge the food by vomiting, abstain by fasting or try to reduce their weight by exercising.

Both men and women of all ages can be affected - affected by compulsive overeating, unlike other eating disorders where females are mostly affected but are more likely to seek help.

Symptoms and Warning Signs

The most visible symptom of overeating is being overweight or obese but it's important to note that not all overeaters are overweight.

Less obvious signs signs are the internal feelings of shame, lack of self worth, self-loathing and disgust, which can produce severe depression and repeated, compulsive eating followed by more weight gain in an endless cycle.

Further serious health problems may soon develop, such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, joint and muscle pain, sleep apnoea ( breathing stops during sleep), and certain types of cancer and heart disease.

Not all compulsive overeaters behave in the same way or have identical underlying issues, which drive their behaviours.

A significant majority, but not all sufferers might share the following characteristics:
  • Describe themselves as kind – will attend to the needs of other people first
  • Low self esteem – a need to be liked
  • A difficulty knowing or expressing their needs
  • Unclear about how they feel and cannot manage their feelings properly
  • Excessive quantities of high protein food kept hidden in storage.
  • Eat compulsively after a period of dieting/li>
  • Psychologically not different to people who eat normally

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