Recover from your addiction online...

The Online Rehab is the first step to recovery but a month in residential rehab may simply not be possible. Which is why we have created the world's first fully comprehensive online addiction recovery service.
The Online Rehab is a digital solution to rehabilitation, which offers you a chance to get your life back on track wherever you are.

Does the following describe your situation?

  • Put off by traditional rehab programmes
  • Have neither the time nor can afford to be away from work
  • Need complete confidentiality
  • Finding it difficult to get the help you need

From boardroom to shopfloor...

Our programme is designed to be inclusive, whatever your circumstances. From executive professional to public servant, boardroom to shopfloor or perhaps a parent worried about your son or daughter's substance abuse.

The Online Rehab provides you with your own customised recovery plan that is:
  • Instantly accessible online
  • Easy to use
  • Therapist-led every step of the way
  • Adaptable and Affordable

The Online Rehab is a proven 28 day programme designed to work around you. All you need - is to be connected via webcam to the internet!

The Online Rehab is secure, private and confidential. All one-to-one counselling and separate group therapy sessions are conducted over your own webcam through our secure website.

The Online Rehab ensures you have:

On-hand support throughout the duration of your programme
Minimal interruption to your daily commitments