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Complete confidentiality

The Online Rehab is a programme of one hour sessions, which runs over 28 consecutive days.
You will be asked to commit to a combination of daily group therapy sessions and weekly one-to-one counselling to discuss underlying and ongoing issues.

Throughout your The Online Rehab programme, you will also be expected to undertake a series of activities downloaded directly from your personal Online Rehab account. You will be asked to simply respond to a series of questions so you can see for yourself how your daily journey to recovery is progressing.

The Online Rehab is secure, private and confidential. All one-to-one counselling and separate group therapy sessions are conducted over your own webcam through our secure website.

How do I get started?

Pre-assessment check

Your first step is to find out if The Online Rehab programme is suitable for you by taking a simple Pre-assessment check.
If the results indicate that you may require a different approach, we can refer you to recommended, alternative treatment options.

Booking the Online Rehab programme

After the payment process has been accepted and your 28 day programme of daily sessions is booked, you will be immediately notified by SMS, email or text. You are now ready to create your Online Rehab account with your own Login and Password.

Personal Assessment

This is where we find out about you, from which we create a profile plan aimed at directly helping you throughout the programme. One of our consultant specialists will then take you through a comprehensive assessment, which includes questions relating to your addiction and medical history.

Complete confidentiality

The Online Rehab is specially designed to maximize your chances of seeing success as you progress through the programme.
Achieving personal victories and making a really noticeable improvement every day is a vital part of getting yourself back on track.

You can 'help us help you' by ensuring you always:

  • Join the daily group sessions
  • Complete your online activities, and
  • Not miss your weekly one to one counselling

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