The Online Rehab is your very own private and personal access to confidential counselling.
Interactive therapy maintained continuously throughout your recovery programme in real-time aims to successfully:
Help you

Help you to overcome barriers to treatments, such as work/childcare commitments or feeling stigma, guilt or shame.

Enable you

Enable you to set a goal of reduction or abstinence while constantly assessing your progress to ensure you stay motivated.

Equip you

Equip you to actively address the underlying psychological and lifestyle issues that have kept you addicted.

Empower you

Empower you to achieve enduring behavioural change by using a number of evidence-based strategies.

Personal Strategies

Our approach to creating treatment and recovery strategies is to treat you as an individual with your own unique problems, behaviours and personal history.

The process involves recognizing how you are prevented by achieving your goals by learning how to:

  • Escape your mind traps, and
  • Shifting your focus

Our therapeutic approaches include:

  • Your life /work balance and accompanying difficult situations
  • Your negative thoughts and emotions
  • Your cravings and urges
  • Your unhelpful behaviours
  • Your physical sensations

Managing and Planning...
  • Your risky situations
  • Your time positively

Rehabilitation programme

The core services of our proven rehabilitation programme has been carefully designed by our experienced team of Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Consultant Psychiatrists with over 30 years combined experience in the fields of Addiction, Counselling, Stress, Anxiety and Rehabilitation.

The process is built upon FOUR key components:
Personal Assessment

At the very start, a full and thorough assessment of your personal situation, which asks key questions about your addiction, medical history and related behaviours is undertaken by one of our specialists.

Analysis of your answers, how you respond and how you feel about the process are crucial building blocks upon which we can build your profile plan and directly guide you every step of the way throughout the programme.

Daily Group Sessions

Every day, one hour therapist-led group sessions will be held for you to participate in and also share your experiences anonymously with other Online Rehab clients.

A vital aspect of therapy treatment is social interaction. The use of 'live' online engagement, which allows clients to speak freely with each other but in complete privacy has been shown to have a considerable positive impact upon other aspects of your recovery programme.

All group therapy sessions are conducted over your own webcam through our secure website.


Understanding yourself, neglected issues and underlying motivations are an essential part of overcoming dependency and regaining control of important aspects of your behaviours and ways of coping with life-challenges.

Our specially compiled series of activities are designed to specifically help you see yourself and see for yourself the progress you make throughout your 28 days at The Online Rehab.

You will be asked to simply complete a number of straightforward activities directly from your personal Online Rehab account, from which you can assess the direction and effectiveness of your recovery at each step of the way.

One to One Counselling

A weekly session, which enables you to fully discuss with your counsellor about any and all aspects of your progress on the programme. At the same time, you will receive updated, in-depth counselling to help you progress further towards complete recovery.

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