Are you sick and tired of being "sick and tired"?

Your addiction has been quietly taking over your life. You know you really do need to quietly deal with it too but there's no time.

You also know that rehab demands commitment but residential treatment is simply out of the question. Just like so many others trying to seek help, you won't or can't pay thousands of pounds on expensive, inpatient programmes in rehab because:

  • You can't afford time away from work.
  • You're self-employed.
  • You regularly work abroad.
  • You cannot be spared from your workplace.
  • You are housebound, have limited mobility, disabilities or medical problems.
  • You have young children or other dependents living with you.

Access to a daily programme of group therapy and weekly one-to-one counselling has never been more simpler,
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Complete confidentiality

Minimising disruption to your daily life goes hand in hand with ensuring complete confidentiality.
If you are a public sector professional or in a key executive / managerial position and are determined to finally make a new start, fear of disclosure at a rehab clinic may be preventing you from taking the next crucial step.

Your assurance of anonymity and discretion at The Online Rehab means another barrier to seeking vital counselling can be quickly and easily overcome.

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Natural environment

Residential treatment can be viewed as "rehab in a bubble" which, along with the recovery you thought you had made, quickly disappears once you leave the four walls of the programme.

Relapse into a former addiction is a common problem unless recovery can take place in your normal, everyday life.

Your chance of succeeding to full recovery is stronger in your own natural environment, whether at home, work or simply on the move.

No need to ask 'what happens when you get out of rehab?' - with our online programme you are recovering in the real world and living your new life as you go.

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